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Yip, I did it my friends … I ventured out into the big wide world on my own for the first time EVER in my life!!

YAAAY me 😀

Thanks so much to all of you for just about shoving me out my front door – I had seriously cold feet and I *may* have chickened out if it wasn’t for you guys – Friday night at Asoka was absolutely everything I hoped it would be.

First of all, I totally tarted up – yes, I had make up on and everything waha! It was great fun to get all zooted up like that but I completely underestimated how long it would take, so I left a little later than I had planned.

Anyway, I parked my little black gangsta-mobile near trendy Kloof Street and made my way to the venue, hoping like HELL that I would recognize SOMEONE! And there, much to my relief, sitting outside and chatting to a bunch of folk, was Cluckhoff *whew* …

And so the evening started. I grabbed myself a drink and then got introduced to the most amazing bunch of people ever … So many of my tweeple were there, it was completely exhilarating to finally meet them all!! These are people I admire so much, who have so much to offer in the www, leaders in their field, and the driving force behind most of the fantastic multi-media and online initiatives taking place in this country (and all so frikkin YOUNG!!). It was truly an honour for me to meet them all face to face. Oh yes, and I have to just mention that being introduced to Matt Mullenweg was such a WOW moment – total surprise. This is the guy who *founded* WordPress people!! But what a cool guy 🙂 Seriously, so humble and down to earth, I loved him!

A bunch of brilliant minds inside wonderful people, so-called “geeks” all getting together to have a good time and even though I ain’t really a geek, I never once felt out of place or uncomfortable that night – they are all a really friendly bunch. I guess that surprised me a little bit … I wasn’t really sure what to expect you know?

So thanks to Mike Stopforth for organizing the meet-up, it really kicked and I loved every minute of it!!

There were only two teeny tiny little black spots on my night … Firstly, Mr Golding had his big-ass camera there – I tried to duck and dive that nasty lens but I think he got me! And secondly, I had one of my horrid panic attacks. It happened as I was squeezing my through the tight hoard of people on my way to the Little Girls’ Room. I think all the people (I get very claustrophobic) plus the small venue plus the heat inside set me off. Anyway, it didn’t last for too long thank gawd and I don’t think anyone noticed 🙂


So who did I get to meet on Friday? Here’s the roll:

  1. Mike Stopforth – kept me in stitches the whole night … LOL!
  2. Stii Pretorius – kept me in drinks the whole night!! I definitely owe you a few brewskies Stii
  3. Dave Duarte – somewhat anxious for his Life Streaming presentation the next day 🙂
  4. Justin Hartman – very cool chat, thanks Justin. And fantastic to finally meet you!
  5. Tyler Reed – WOW!! Dude, I get tired just looking at you!
  6. Christopher Mills – at last … the much talked about man behind iMod
  7. Vincent Maher – what can I say, the man himself hey? Also had me giggling all night hehe …
  8. Mark Bloomfield – my early morning Twitter pal 🙂
  9. Jason Bagley – another awesome wwwtalent!
  10. Denham Coote – cool computer dude and a pretty good photographer too
  11. Catherine Luckhoff – my ice breaker … hehe, thanks for holding my hand
  12. Vanessa Clark – bubbly bubbly bubbly!! Shame, her cat’s on Prozac!
  13. Neil Garb – coder extraordinaire, very charming too
  14. Brandon Golding – the man with the big-ass camera!
  15. Rafiq Phillips – needs no introduction 🙂
  16. Allan Kent – aaah, too brief Allan. Catch you next time hey?
  17. Max Kaizen – also didn’t see much of Max, unfortunately
  18. Matt Mullenweg – stunning guy! I hope you found your luggage man

If I left anyone off, I’m sorry!!! (Blame the Jaggerbombs haha!)


And here are the photos … CLICK


And …

If you missed Matt’s presentation at WordCamp 2008, the videos are now up on