For my scrapbook :D

Brandon Golding’s Facebook Album

Christopher Mills’ photos on Imod

Matt Mullenweg’s Travels to South Africa Gallery
and this is meeee :-)

(You can catch up on my Big Night Out here)

  1. Sir G says:

    I know ive told you this before, but you really looked lovely :)

  2. StevenMcD says:

    I must agree! Would never say you’re a mother of two! wow, must be a lot of chicks out there who hate you ;)

  3. justB[coz] says:

    Mmk, my ego is just LUVING this hee hee …

    Thank you!!!!!

  4. Glugster says:

    Yip. Sir G and StevenMcD took the words right out of my mouth.

    The X must be a real idiot.

  5. justB[coz] says:

    Wow … *blushing here*

    The X? Who’s that? Wahaha :D

  6. Dad says:

    I know that I am the father and therefore totally biased but I am also a photographer and I thought the pic was not too flattering.
    Wish I could post a good pic so you could see what I mean.

  7. justB[coz] says:

    @Dad … that’s very sweet :D