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Sir G and I decided to spend Saturday afternoon at Kirstenbosch … reading, relaxing and just taking it easy for an hour or two. He took his camera along and snapped this shot of me (while I was trying to have a nap, lol.) I’m completely cameraphobic and I detest photos of myself, but this one ain’t too bad …


Erm … helloooooo?

Do I still have any blog readers left?

Yeek! It’s been a while …

I just really needed to take a break from my ‘puter for a while. That’s about the extent of any “holiday” I’m able to get. Yeah, working from home does have its drawbacks.

Good grief, I had every intention of updating you all on what’s been happening for the last however long, but I’ve just realized how much that actually is and I’m suddenly feeling very lazy about it. Not gonna happen. Heh.

Hopefully you’ve been following me on Twitter so you know what’s plotting – microblogging FTW!


It’s all systems go again. Not that I’m feeling particularly rested but hey, what can you do?


Wherein I try to catch you all up

Miss me?

I miss me!

Crazy times, I tell you … work always goes ballistic at the end of the year and what with us being a team member short, it’s seriously busy. Not that I’m complaining – we’re so lucky to be busy. I’m just a bit frazzled and I can’t WAIT till we close in 2 weeks HURRAH!

Mmk, so here’s a speedy summary of what’s been going on:

  1. Son#1 has moved back home – that’s going ok so far, thank Gary the Duck.
  2. He’s also finished writing matric finals!!! Yeesh, I now have a kid OUT OF SCHOOL. How old do I feel?
  3. Son#2 finished Grade 8 on Monday and it looks like he PASSED! After last year’s drama, I was sweating there for while but he finally got it together at the last minute and did some work w00t!
  4. Speaking of sweating, I’m training a couple of times a week with the exquisite Urban Angel – all part of Operation Yellow Bikini. It’s been 3 weeks now, I haven’t lost any weight yet which I’m terribly disappointed about but I’m starting to *feel* better, so that’s worth something. Right?
  5. I really haven’t been out very much at all but I did go out to watch a movie!!! Yip – New Moon 🙂 As with the first film, Twilight, I still maintain that the books are so much more awesome.
  6. And I watched the latest Harry Potter. What a load of shit!
  7. I also popped in at the Harfield Village Street Carnival on Saturday to have a few toots with @SamWilson1 and @Rose_Cohen. I also wanted to see if any of my jewelry had sold (a couple of items did.)
  8. Yes, my handy work is now doing the rounds at local markets and fingers crossed it all sells so that I can add to my Holiday Fund.
  9. I pulled out my first grey hair this morning. That’s it. The end is friggin nigh I tell you!
  10. Reading has taken a bit of a backseat of late – not getting through my normal 3 books a week, down to 1 or 2. And no, I haven’t updated My Library yet. I’ll do that soon, promise.

OMG, that’s it! Sheesh … that’s grim.

Oh yes. I fell over my dog a messed up my arm a bit <— this is news? Pfft.

But *this* weekend should be superlicious … it’s THE KILLERS!!! Yes please 😀 I haven’t been to a concert in ages. Should be a goodie. And it looks like half of Twitter will be there too YAY!