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… for our democracy.

I voted yesterday, along with a few million other South Africans. ‘Twas the first time I’ve gone off to stand in the voting queue all by myself … felt a little strange. But I charged up my iPod before I left and spent the time listening to my current favourite album, Only By the Night (Kings of Leon). Forgot to take something to drink though, which wasn’t clever.

Apart from some loud turnip behind me talking for an entire hour on his phone, at the top of his bloody voice, it really wasn’t an unpleasant experience at all. And I even had a half decent view:

Gotta love our mowntain 🙂

So, I shuffled along with everyone else and eventually got to have my thumb inked and make my mark on the ballots:

It’s done. The votes are being counted as I write this. I’m not really optimistic about anything changing on the political front in our country. For the better that is.

If you want to follow the election results as they unfold, visit News24 for up-to-date coverage.