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I had the most wonderfully relaxed 24 hours of my life this past weekend!

I drove through to Betty’s Bay on Saturday morning to spend some time at a Bed & Breakfast there called “The Retreat” and from the minute we stepped out the car on our arrival, both Sir G and I felt at home and at peace. Our friendly and effervescent hostess, Chimmy, greeted us warmly, took us on a tour of her property and showed us to our beautiful room, “Waterberry”. We got settled and headed off to the beach straightaway. And so began our tranquil getaway – sheer magic!

I’m going to let the photos speak for themselves …

After hot tubbing we each had a head, neck and shoulders massage *bliss*

And then we drove through to Pringle Bay to have dinner at a restaurant called “@365” –
best steak I’ve had in YEARS!
(sign up at restaurant: We are LOCALS – do NOT rush us! haha 🙂 )

Thereafter … the best night’s sleep you can imagine.

Woke up to complete stillness – peace and quiet!
So different to the usual shrieking and whining from next door …

After an incredibly delicious breakfast , we went with Chimmy’s suggestion and decided
to go for a walk in the Harold Porter Botanical Gardens.

This is a real yellowwood tree:

Seriously. How beautiful is this?

On the way home we stopped off in Rooi Els for lunch, at a local hangout called
“Drummond Arms” and met possibly the most entertaining and colourful waiter EVER! Heh 😀

The effect of that one night away has been profound. I honestly felt like a different person and it’s
given me some serious food for thought … about the changes I want to make in my life,
about how being cooped up suburbia is smothering me and sapping my soul.

Before now, I couldn’t quite understand why my Dad sold up, packed up and took himself
off to live in a caravan in the middle of nowhere. Now, I get it. Completely.