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Yip, time to say adieu … it’s been real 🙂

It’s been a right flipping roller coaster too man! Wow … so many ups and downs but I think, despite all the other major events that have happened in the last 12 months that 2008, for me at least, will be remembered as my  “coming out” year – the year I *finally* ended my isolation from the world after the whole separation and divorce trauma, and started reconnecting with people. And it’s largely thanks to this here li’l blog, Facebook and of course (of course!) … Twitter.

So thank you to ALL of you for helping me get through an undeniably rough year, because you’ve encouraged, supported and cheered me on to do more than I ever thought possible at this stage of my life. I seriously had visions of becoming a nutty old cat lady but with YOUR help, I’ve started to live again.


Right then! I’ve just come back from an awesome evening on Scarborough Beach (I’ve never been there before, if you can believe that) and I’m now going to chill here at home with Sir G, watch a few episodes of L0ST and pop the champers at midnight. It’s a rather different way to spend New Year’s Eve, but it’s perfect – just what I felt like 🙂

Anyhoo, whatever you’re doing to ring in the the New Year tonight,
I hope it rocks and that you all keep safe out there.

Here’s hoping 2009 does not suck 😀