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Only TWO hours till we go off for our Christmas lunch and then we’re officially closed for 3 weeks!!!


OMG, I’m sooooo tired today. Again. Went to the tweetup at Alba Lounge in the V&A Waterfront last night to hook up with some tweeple and meet some Vaalies – @SnowgooseSA and @nickjackson – down on holiday. And it was a very cool evening! Thanks to @andrevr for keeping me in drinks hehe … next time, it’s my turn, don’t forget!? Who else was there? @obox, @stii, @FeistyFemale, @ChristopherM and Fe, @_enzo … Man, I love these tweetups – it’s just brilliant to see these guys that I interact with online every day In Real Life!

But I stayed up waaaay past my bed time, got home at about 11.30, found a rather sad looking little sausage roll in my fridge to eat and then crashed at 12.30. And I overslept. Again. Sheesh … I really don’t know why I even bother to set my alarm these days!

Anyway, here we are, just 2 hours away from HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!

Hoping I can make it through Christmas lunch without passing out and planting my face in my food or something …

I’ll catch you all later – it’s time to set up those beautiful things called Out Of Office Autoresponders.