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Cape Town Tweetup

Next Thursday, 27 November, the awesomeness of SheBee hits Cape Town! YAAAAAY!

So, to celebrate, we’re having another tweetup thingymabob at a rather funky looking place called Relish, in town. (Thanks again to Chris for the venue recommendation – I’m still a n00b at this sort of thing.)

I’ve booked a spot for us there from bout 7.30pm onwards … I know it’s a school night and all, but it would be splendiferous to see a whole bunch of you there 😀

I *do* need to kind of confirm numbers with them before the time, so PLEASE drop a comment here to let me know if you can make it or not.



We may have a teeny problem … Thursday is also the night of the Cape Town Geek Dinner, so the date for our tweetup may have to change but I think that SheBee has also made plans for the Friday and Saturday so I’m not sure what the final arrangements will be … sorry!

I’m just waiting to find out from our guest of honour what she wants to do … will update ASAP!