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Meh. I did not get my full 8 hours of beauty rest last night (yeah, some of us really need this you know hah) because I only got to bed after midnight, so today may see me struggling to keep my eyes open … bring on the coffee please!

Why was I up so late?

Well … don’t faint (!) … I went out again!!

Yessireeeee 😀

Chris organized a little get together with some of his Cape Town blogger pals at a place called “Neighbourhood” in Long Street (super venue, BTW). So Sir G and I went along to meet up with some new peeps and to reacquaint ourselves with some now-getting-familiar-with peeps (helloooo David and Peter!) It was very cool to FINALLY meet my dragon friend, Wogan May, along with Christopher John Combrink, Rox and a few others (I’m shocking with names, please forgive me if I’ve left you out.)

We had a bite to eat there – Sir G and I both ordered the Cajun Calamari dish – and the food was pretty good. Other people ordered burgers and steak rolls and everyone seemed pretty happy with their dinner. Neighbourhood serves the FUNKIEST chips ever, called “curly fries” … seriously long and yeah, *curly* chips hehehe 🙂

It was a cool evening all in all – so nice to get out again =) And it was a lovely surprise to run into @Cluckhoff who was there with her friends for a poker evening. I was able to repay her the dosh she lent us when Sir G and I found ourselves penniless at @FeistyFemale’s birthday party last week.

There was one teeny little glitch in the evening … *cough* … my bra decided to come unhitched! OMG, I felt the bloody strap undo itself and panicked! I whispered to Sir G: “Er, I need your help please.” He looked seriously worried but when he heard what the problem was, he had to stifle peals of hysterical laughter! So he, ummm, “shielded” me all the way to a space in the venue that was unoccupied (which happened to be the pool room), hiked up my top and re-attached the offending strap! I was dying WAH! Imagine if somebody had decided to play a game of pool right then???? Anyway, LUCKILY he got it all sorted for me before anyone could walk in and catch us in a VERY compromising position *whew*!!

So … cow_grrrl is now getting out and about quite a bit these days hey? Thanks for organizing last night Chris 😀

Mmk, I need to make myself a big-ass cup of strong coffee and put my head down – 2 deadlines to meet today and a bunch of admin stuffs.


Have a rocking Friday everyone!

And to Son#1 – good luck with your Science exam today my boy xxx