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Hehe … yip, for the SECOND time in my life, I am taking my shy self out the house tonight, to go and meet up with and spend the evening with a bunch of people I have never laid eyes on before!

I have VERY kindly been invited out by one of my Twitter friends 🙂

This time it’s a real girly night, which I’m so looking forward to. I was *never* allowed to EVER go out and hook up with a bunch of ladies while I was married. I shit you not. In fact, I was strongly “discouraged” from actually having any of my own friends. (Hence the current pathetic lack of social connections). So this is my first Ladies Night!

Not that we’re going out clubbing or anything. No, it’ll just be a bunch of girls, a bit of alcohol, a few balls, a selection of long, hard objects and some explicit instructions that I will probably need help with interpreting ….

Get your mind out the gutter yo!

I’m talking about knitting man 😀 Waha!!!

So there’s it – my second social outing in 2 months. Jeez, I’m turning into a regular Tara Reid!

[Now I just have to hope my fricken headache takes a hike and my energy stays with me!]