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Well, after 10 years I have FINALLY taken the plunge and going ahead with the much-dreaded (and way overdue) renovation of our office.

The Shit Hole is getting a face lift at last 😀

It all starts tomorrow with the new laminated wood floor being laid. Then the place gets painted, new lights get fitted, floating shelves get put up and wooden blinds get hung. And then *drumroll* … the MOST exciting part … a brand new server HURRAH!

Obviously, everyone’s had to clear out of there and move into my house for the week that this is going to take. Yeah, so we’re snuggled up nice ‘n close in here … all 8 of us, heh.



There are now THIRTEEN computers in here!


Thank goodness we have 4 strong boys here, moving all that heavy stuff
looks like it was hard work, neh?


Note the finger pointing happening on the right, lol!


Kak. That doesn’t look good!


And here lies the poor Shit Hole, waiting for some TLC.