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If you’ve spotted my tweets about me looking for new talent at The Forge Web Creations, you might want to know a little more about what the work entails in particular, and about working for me in general.

Firstly, let me just say upfront that this is NOT sexy work. This is entry-level, basic front-end development. You’ll be trained to work on one of my personal pet projects, the Cape Stay Accommodation Guide (and its associated websites). It’s a simple site and the work is relatively easy but the volumes are high, deadlines are fierce and quality is critical.

On that note (quality), you should know right away that my standards are demanding and I expect only the very best from my team. There’s no room for sloppy work here. I’ve spent 10 years building up a solid reputation for great service and it’s important that everyone in my team understands this and applies it to all aspects of their day to day duties.

The company is small – there are currently 7 of us working on site (at my home) and another couple working remotely. For this reason, you should be comfortable working in close proximity to other people in an intimate and casual environment. Oh, and you should like animals, ‘cos I have 6 of them.

Although our workplace is “homely” and we have a lot of fun, I like to think that we are all thoroughly professional. At the end of the day, we have to make sure that our clients are overjoyed with our service and that takes hard work. I never expect anyone to work overtime, in fact, I discourage it. I believe that everyone should pursue work/play balance to remain happy and motivated. I can’t have my team exhausted and miserable, that just won’t do.

My team is my most precious asset so I invest in my people and look after them as well as I can. In return, I expect each and every one of them to be committed to the continued success of the business.

I’m looking forward to receiving a bunch of promising CV’s soon. You know, I actually get so many CV’s sent to me all the time and I tend to just glance over most of them unless there’s something that really grabs my attention and impresses me. If someone writes a personalized covering letter, tells me why they want to work for me and explains what they can bring to the business, I’ll take notice. Just saying …

Here’s the post advertising the position: Junior Website Designer/Developer.