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  1. nothing
  2. not anything
  3. nix
  4. nil
  5. nada
  6. naught
  7. zero
  8. zip
  9. zilch
  10. bugger all

I’m not kidding!

I have waaaaay too much “stuff”, it’s ridiculous. I honestly can’t bear the thought of getting even more to add to my collection of “things”. Apart from that, money is tight this year and I would rather that the people I care about spend their finances wisely instead of blowing it all on some stupid end-of-year splurge. And I shall be doing just that – paying off my credit card. The only gifts I’ll be buying this year are for my kids. No-one else.

So that’s it, I don’t want anyone to buy me anything for Christmas and I hope people can respect that.

If you feel that you HAVE to part with your money, please send a donation to a worthwhile charity like the NSPCA.

That would rock.