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Well, ok, so I’m just a tad late with getting my New Year Resolutions in place but better late than never, eh?

Don’t judge me.

Alrighty then … I have 6 months to get “stuff” done in 2009 so I suppose I’d better get a few ideas down so I can what’s what in this rather muddled personal life of mine.

Here’s my top 10 of things to do for myself:

  1. This is absolutely top of my list. Whatever else happens for the rest of the year I AM going to lose the 12 fugly kilograms I’m currently carrying. I shall emerge in December as ripped and sexy as they get. For a 38 year old, that is. I mean, as much as I want to have the beautiful teen bod I used to, I have to be realistic about these things. Mmk, I can’t go back to gym just yet but my goal is to be able to fit into my training kit by the end of THIS month so that from 1 August I can return and keep to a regular workout schedule and even submit myself to the terror of my personal torturer again.
  2. Unearth all my beads and start making some more jewellery. To say that I have enough beads to open up my own shop is no exaggeration. I have cupboards full of the things! But yeah, it’s been years since I made any jewellery and I used to be a prolific beader. I’ve actually still got some old pieces buried away that I need to get rid of. Hmm … *ponders idea of taking photos for display and selling them from here*
  3. Paint. My gawd, what the hell is wrong with me? I have canvasses, paints, brushes and walls just screaming out for some artwork! Dammit, I’ve really let my art go for a ball of shit. It’s just a shameful waste of talent. Before the year is out, I’m going to have filled my canvasses and produced work I can hang. There.
  4. Get my own design going on this blog. Sheesh … you’d never think I run a web business looking at this site! I’m properly embarrassed that I’m using somebody else’s theme here *cringe*. That must change. Eish … what to do though … I seem to have hit a bit of a blank with it, I can’t seem to nail down one direction that I want to take the look and feel in. Feck. Mmk. This may take a little time.
  5. Write. And no, I don’t mean here on my blog. I mean with actual pen on actual paper. Write. Write. Write. In a place that’s totally secret, about things that are entirely personal, for no-one else but me! Why? Because I want to be a writer. No, not a published author (well, not yet anyway), but a writer. And I need some serious practice, so I’m going to spend at least 30 minutes every day alone and quiet, filling up the notebooks I have bought just for this purpose. And you never know, perhaps one day I’ll even attempt a novel. That would be a dream come true for me.
  6. Mingle. Once a week. Minimum. I’ve been doing that for the last 3 or 4 weeks – getting out at least ONCE over a weekend and spending time with people I met online who are rapidly becoming really good and close friends. Who would thunk this a year ago, eh? I have to say this again: justB[coz], Twitter and Facebook have changed my life!!!
  7. In addition to socializing, I’m also going to get out and see at least one movie a month. I went out with Andre last month and we saw Terminator Salvation – the first movie I’ve watched since … ummmm … I honestly can’t remember (the second Pirates of the Caribbean?) and I loved it! Good grief, why don’t I do that more often? Pathetic really. Ooooh … and eat out once a month too. Good plan!
  8. Pay off my credit card and start saving for a PROPER holiday. I’m just about there – only a few hundred ronds to get rid of and then I’m entirely debt-free (apart from my house and car). Then I’m going to start putting money away and after the next 6 months, I want to have enough to book a bloody good break! The kind where you pack suitcases (plural), get on a plane and fly off to some exotic location and lose yourself in a world of sight seeing and room service for at least 10 days. Yeah.
  9. Make a decision about my house. I’m either selling up and moving or I’m staying here and renovating, starting with the shit hole of an office outside. Either way, a lot of research is required, tough choices have to be made and then it’s time for action! I *think* I know which way it’s going to go – I just need to confirm some stuff and then get moving on it. Enough dilly dallying already. Something just has to happen now.
  10. Update my wardrobe. Om my gawd, this is a petrifying thought! I’m the Anti Shopper. But seriously, I haven’t bought any new clothes for years and I’m so not winning any style awards with my frumpy, outdated clothing. Of course, this is all dependent on resolution no.1 being fulfilled. Which it will. (Watch me.) So I have 6 months to psyche myself up and save up for hitting the shops. Endless walking, trawling through clothing racks, mentally fighting with some bitch who picks up *just* the item you want to take, queuing for fitting rooms, trying on a million things, going back to find different sizes, more fitting and fretting in the change rooms, wondering if all the effort and sweat is worth it, leaving 80% of the clothes you chose behind because it all feels like such a crazy waste of time and money. Yeah, I love shopping. Not.

So that’s it … 10 things I want to have done for myself by the end of the year.

Aaaaaaaaand GO!