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Words are powerful. Be careful how you use them … what comes out of your mouth has the ability to influence someone’s life and shape who they become.

You’re useless
When I returned empty handed after being sent to look for my step monster’s red handbag – the prequel to being locked in my room to think about what a loser I was.

I could never do this with you – you’re far too fat and ugly
When my step monster spent the afternoon playing dress up with the friend I brought home after school.

Don’t you dare tell your father, you little whiner

You’re big enough and ugly enough to deal with it on your own

You’re such a dog.

If you ever divorce me, you’ll never see your kids again.

You deserved it; I was teaching you a lesson.

What did you expect? If you’d been married to me, I would have slapped you.

She’s just a friend.

“I want to be with you.”
The sms from her that ended it all.

Words. Create. Destroy. Choose.