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Probably because absolutely *nothing* interesting is going on right now. I’ve hit a serious slump and I’m thoroughly bored with my life. Jeez, I need to get out and find a frigging LIFE! I mean, it’s just occurred to me that my car is now just over a year old and I haven’t even driven 9000kms yet – and that includes a trip to Plett and back. Pathetic, really.

So … quick catchup (if you can stand the dullness of it all) …

Son#1 is out the house now – for good this time, it seems. I’m ok with that. I’ve made peace with it. He’s 18 now and I have to let go. It’s entirely his own choice and I think he’s old enough to make the best of it. He’s bunking with friends for now, until he can find a place of his own. I’ve made arrangements with the X for him to pay over Son#1’s portion of maintenance to him directly, to pay for rent and I’m giving R250 petrol money, R500 for clothes and a monthly grocery shop (which is about R1500). It’s setting me back a little but I don’t want Son#1 working while he’s in matric.

I miss him.

Work-wise, things are pumping, as usual. Here’s a sneaky peak at some stuff we’re busy with:

I really should make a start on revamping this site – I feel like SUCH a fraud having a blog that uses somebody else’s template! Eeek.

I’ve kinda stopped watching TV, apart from Monday nights – Survivor, Lost and House night! I’m PVR’ing all the Lost episodes and one of these days I’m going to have a marathon catch up. I do this because I’m far too impatient to wait a whole 7 days between episodes hehe 🙂

Instead of TV, I’ve been reading like a demon. I’ve always loved books and reading but I’ve not been reading as much as I like to recently and now I’ve taken to re-stocking my library and spending loads of time inside my books. Escapist, me.

Other than that, I’ve nothing to report. Seriously. It’s all pretty hum drum and uninspired *yawn*


“Only boring people are bored” … ? I’m in trouble!