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Firstly, it’s Saturday … I lurve Saturdays 🙂

Secondly, it’s a scorcher … I LURVE hot weather like this 😀

Thirdly, I’ve just taken my measurements … WOOHOO!!!

Despite last night’s little cheat session of beer, pizza and ice cream, I’m over the moon about my results!

It’s been about 3 weeks since I decided to knuckle down and do something about my weight and flab and I have now lost 2kgs and about 2cm all over. Check it out:

Weight: 64kg -> 62kg
Waist (above belly button): 72cm ->70cm
Waist (below belly button): 86cm -> 81cm
Hips: 99cm -> 97cm
Thigh: 56cm -> 54cm
Upper arm: 30cm -> 28cm
Chest: 90cm -> 93cm (but who’s complaining? Not Sir G, THAT’S for sure LOL!)

So … normally with each kg and each cm lost, I lose 0.5% bodyfat. I reckon that puts me at about 26% now.


I’m really chuffed with these results because I haven’t exactly been 100% disciplined with my nutrition and training. Sure, I could have done better by now if I’d eaten perfectly and trained every day but I’ve allowed myself to have treats and cheat meals and I’ve had days where I didn’t get to the gym at all. However, what I HAVE done is follow a routine that I think is completely sustainable and THAT suits me just fine.

And guess what? I’m wearing a pair of shorts I couldn’t fit into a month ago!

WHAT a good feeling 😀

Remember this?

It’s SO going to happen WAH!