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Oooooh … another GADGET!

I’m a bit (mmk, a lot) “old school” – I really love good ol’ pen and paper – so when I spotted this Mobile NoteTaker, my eyes immediately lit up πŸ™‚

Mobile NoteTaker is the world’s first and only truly portable handwriting capture device that enables you to write in comfort on ordinary paper and then upload your handwritten notes and sketches to a PC.

Everything you write is captured. A built-in LCD confirms what you write is saved; meeting notes, lecture notes, sketches or any other information you need to save while away from your desk

Here are the features:

  • User can take notes while being away from the computer in meetings, classroom or at home.
  • Stores 50+ pages (A4) in its flash memory.
  • When connected through USB, in “Online Mode”, the pen’s 2 mouse buttons and hovering functionalities are activated.
  • LCD status icons, including “Page No.”, “capture mode”, “Battery status” etc.
  • Handwritten notes, drawings and sketches can be stored and retrieved according to file name, date or any other criteria decide by the user.
  • Optional handwriting recognition applications in 11 languages.
  • Rechargeable battery (through USB).
  • Optional Bluetooth or RF connection to computing devices or cellular phone.
  • Supports Windows VistaTM and Office 2007 digital ink features and utilities.

The idea of being able to write and sketch offline and then have my scribbles transferred onto my computer is awesome! And at only R399.00, it’s not too expensive.