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Hmmmm …

Mmk, so I’m intent on being a rock star. I’m too old to learn to play the guitar and my singing voice, well … let’s just say that some things should remain a mystery hehe 😉

But the one thing I think I *could* do and really WANT to do, is play the drums!

Actually, I’m so keen and have been for a few years now that learning to play the drums is an item that made it onto my bucket list a while ago.

Thing is, going for lessons is not really something I can commit to – work pressure, money, time etc. And if I got my own kit, where the hell would I keep it? I have ZERO space in my house. Plus, there’s the noise factor as well … it would certainly create some ear ache!


I’ve got my eye on something my Dad found for me – digital drums! The Casio LD 80 Digital Drums, to be exact.

Check it out:


The price is quite steep, but my Dad has very kindly offered to pay half as a birthday pressie for me.

What do you think? Seriously. Should I go for it?