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Mmk, I got the expected bad news about my body fat from my trainer last night. Meh.

Actually, I was pretty accurate in my estimate – I thought it would be between 26% and 30% and it turns out that I’m currently at 27%.

Shit. That’s just AWFUL!!

So yeah, I now know that I have to drop 7% to hit 20%, which is acceptable to me but that’s a tough ask and realistically, it’s going to take me longer than 3 months. Ideally, I would like to get to 18% but that’s a 9% drop in total and at my age (37) that’s going to require a MAMMOTH effort (and probably the rest of the year to achieve).

You can check out BF% guidelines here.

I say “guidelines” because different sources will tell you different things. My goals are set at what *I* know to be true for me. Don’t forget that I’ve done this before and, with the help and approval of my doctor, I cut my BF down to athletic status only a couple of years ago. Please DO NOT attempt to start ANY training or nutrition or training without FIRST consulting your doctor. And seriously, if you want to get your BF down to the athletic range, you must ensure you educate yourself on the possible health implications, mmk?

Although I was expecting this bad news, I was still slightly mortified at the reality and felt like crap. So what did I do? Hah! I ate … sheesh, what a RETARD! And the reason is completely inexplicable. Seriously, I have no fucking clue why I’m obsessed with stuffing my face when the sun goes down and I’m all alone.

Soooooooo … to combat that tonight here’s what I’m doing: I’m not training during the day today. Instead, I’m timing my meals so that I can do a hectic cardio session at about 7pm this evening here at home. Then I’m going to bath and do the dinner thing. I’m *hoping* that after training and feeling all “bok” with myself for doing it, I won’t be in the frame of mind that sets me off on a binge.

Plus, as backup, I have the Body of Work DVD to watch. It’s all about the very first Body for LIFE Challenge that Bill Phillips orgainsed. Man, it’s inspiring!!! You just wanna go out and pump some iron after watching that hehehe 🙂

What say you? Think that’ll work?

And to give me even MORE incentive to stick to my nutrition plan, I’m going to share my starting measurements and my mid-term goals with you. YIKES!!!

  • Weight:  64kg (goal: 54kg)
  • Chest: 90cm (this will probably go up a bit)
  • Waist: 72cm (sies! Want to get that back down to 64cm)
  • Hips: 99cm (I’ll be happy with around 88cm I think)
  • Upper arm: 30cm (25cm is my target)
  • Thigh: 56cm (where’s the jumbo? I could kick start it for you!)
  • Body Fat: 27% (goal: 20%)

BTW, I first shared my measurements with you 2 September 2008, so if you go back to that post, you can see how I’ve, erm, grown since then).

That’s it! That’s where I’m at … not for long though 😀