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Untangling those lights is a real bitch!

They work!! *relief*

I’m the smallest person in the house, yet *I* have to try get them to the top of the tree??

Tinseling – Son#2 is getting a bit bored …

Yip, definitely getting bored hehe 🙂

Almost got it …


Success! Son#1 and the rest of us now are in hysterics waha!!!

Son#1 takes his tree decorating very seriously.  Son#2 would rather be Xboxing, I’m sure 🙂

Yeah – he’s very into it …

He just can’t resist juggling!

Heh 😀

Don’t ask me … seriously …

It’s obviously an IQ test … and the 3 wise men are clearly stumped!

I have no clue

And she’s done … woohoo!