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You’re not alone my friend. I know you don’t really get that right now but that’s fine. It’ll take a while for you to become aware of all the support you actually have and that there are people who love you very much and are willing to step up whenever you’re ready.

At the moment, the whole damn sucky world is on your shoulders and you are drowning in sorrow, confusion and anger. That’s fine too … allow yourself to be angry. Allow yourself to be sad. But never lose sight of the fact that you ARE strong enough AND brave enough to face both your demons and the shitty situation you find yourself in.

You were so there for me when I was going through my darkest time. I KNOW you have the courage and strength and wisdom to deal with your own darkness and overcome it. I’ve seen it first hand, so don’t you DARE tell yourself otherwise and start believing that nonsense!

I’ve been watching your emotional, mental and physical decline for a long time now, hoping like hell that you’d be able to turn things around for yourself. But it never happened and I felt quite helpless. Our chat yesterday changed that for me. Big time.

Thank you for opening up to me. Thank you for admitting just how low things have gotten for you, for telling me you want to sort your life out and that you *need* help. THIS was the opening I was looking for from you. NOW I can reach out to you and, as you did for me, help you out of the shit.

And I shall.

I may not be able to solve all your problems but I can certainly be the person you need to help you focus on what you need to do and create a solid plan for how to get there.

In fact, I *insist*. Yes. Consider this an official intervention!

I’m SO gonna help get you right 😀

First, we need to get you clean my friend. This you know. You know that you cannot think straight or even try to find solutions to anything until your mind and body are healthy again. So … NA meetings are on a Monday night – as you know, Son#1 is very keen that you join him (thank you my boy, you’re a super star!) Don’t worry about your beautiful little girl either … I shall look after her while you go. Mmk?

Next, I want to see your monthly budget – we’re going to work out where the moola is going and what to do about it so that you are no longer cash strapped or in any debt.

Thirdly, I will assist you with prioritizing and organising your Daily Plan of Attack so that you do not feel overwhelmed with all that has to be done. Where necessary and possible, I’ll take some stuff off your plate while you’re pulling yourself towards yourself, just until you’re operating at 100% again.

Also, I want you to let me know EVERY DAY how you are feeling and what’s going on in your life. Seriously … give me every single gory detail and tell me how you’re reacting and/or responding to each. This is non-negotiable.

Yes, I’m being bossy. Tough shit!

Enough is enough. You’ve spent long enough in that bloody awful gutter. It’s time to get out, start believing in yourself and claim your power back!

Let’s do this thing my friend …

I love you very much