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YAY!!! I did it 🙂

Actually, that should read “we” … Sir G was the muscle hehe

We cleared out the back end of my dining room to make space for a couple more desks.

In case you’ve missed out on the recent news, I’ve run out of space in the office outside
because my team is growing again 😀




Mmk, the white board is gonna go on the wall, just as soon as I work up the guts
to drill a few holes there (!) and I also have a framed pic for the other side that I want to put up.

The chairs are temporary – I’m waiting for my new seating from Ergotherapy Solutions
to be delivered a the end of the month.

So … what do you think? Not too bad hey?

I’m happy with it – this will do until next year when I renovate and extend the office
and we can all move in together. There are now 4 of us in the house and 4 of us outside –
I’ve split the business up into 2 teams now, so this new working arrangement should be perfect.

What I haven’t shown you in the photos is the rather ugly mess in the rest of my
dining room that I now have to get sorted before Monday WAH!

Hope you’re all having an excellent weekend 🙂