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Today I was allowed to fetch Son#1 from the clinic to bring him home so that he could pack a few of his things up, and take them back there …

When I arrived and asked what time I should return him, thinking that we perhaps had 30 minutes at the most, the sweet nurse on duty whom I had never met before told me that I could keep my boy at home for 2 hours – that we should have some lunch and chill for a while (yes, she said “chill”). I could have kissed her 🙂

So we had 2 hours together, and even though he was in a closed mood, not really up to doing much or saying anything, that time was precious for all of us. We picked up some lunch from McDonalds, we came home to eat and chill for a while. Son#2 was happy to see him again, and we listened to music and pottered around, just appreciating the small taste of “normal” family life we had been allowed.

Two very special hours on this beautiful Sunday afternoon. My heart is warm.