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That’s it! I have officially retired IE as my default browser … hrmpf.

Don’t ask me why it took me this long, I’m an idiot! When Firefox first came out, I was using that and only used IE to check that my sites weren’t broken. More recently, it’s been the other way around.

Anyway, last night I urgently need to get some things done online before a certain time and my machine was playing games with me. It was ridiculously slow and I could just about do nothing. I spent a few hours completely freaking out that I was going to miss the deadline, ready to tear my hair out – I have ZERO patience for technical rubbish. I checked my print spooler to see if there was a document stuck in there again, but nope, not this time. I bring up my Task Manager and check the processes. And there … chewing up 80% of my resources is friggin IE! Gah! End Process.

So now, I’ve converted back to Firefox, permanently. Way overdue it seems, my old laptop IMMEDIATELY started running so much better!

Right, now I need your advice please …

I was using the built in feed reader in IE, which I like because it was really easy to subscribe to feeds, it didn’t take up any screen real estate and it notified me when there were any new posts in my feeds. As of this morning, I’ve got feeds coming through Firefox and I’m not thrilled. It doesn’t do what I’m used to and I’m sure there’s something more efficient out there.

Do you perhaps have any suggestions for me? If you use a good reader and can recommend it, please de-lurk and let me know! Thanx =) Later …