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My Coke Fest 2008 was great! There were a few glitches, things I could moan about, but on the whole it was a fabulous day and I really enjoyed myself =) We took some photos on my phone, which I’ll download soon and publish …..

The best performance was by Muse, the second last band. Wow, they totally blew me away! I knew their live act was good (they’ve been voted Best Live Act two years in a row at the Brit Awards) but they really were incredible. That only 3 guys can produce that sound is amazing. Their music, plus the lighting and big screen video created something magical and it was an honour to see such an awesome live production. Loved it =)

30 Seconds to Mars were excellent too – lead singer Jared Leto is a ball of dynamite and he played up to his adoring fans in a big way. At one stage, he climbed the stage scaffolding which must have been about 15-20m high and had everyone gasping! He ran around the crowd too, which is always cool =). The Kaizer Chiefs lead singer did that as well – crazy little Brit! I enjoyed them, their music was a welcome change in tempo and I think they’re lots of fun. Good Charlotte was cool – predictable but still enjoyable. Prime Circle (the best local band) was good – I love their music but they only played about 5 or 6 songs which was a pity. Chris Cornell was disappointing – we could hardly hear him sing at all, but it was still great to see the legend live, and he seemed to be having a good time =) We left the Golden Circle before the last band started – Korn are very heavy and I didn’t want to be in the middle of all the metal madness that was going on in the crowd ….

Weather-wise, it was strange – hot during the day and then freezing when the sun went down. So we got burnt during the day and then shivered with cold through the night. The wind was icy and I’m glad I took along two jerseys. All in all it was a great day, I just wish I was taller =) But, it’s the closest I’ve ever been to the stage during any concert so that was a good experience. Not sure I’ll get so close again though – being close to the stage means being close to the bands AND the speakers, so the bass vibrates right through you and my ears are still ringing today!