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I guess by now I should expect things to change rather suddenly and dramatically, hey?

Wow – this afternoon’s Family Session was SO not what I was expecting!

When I arrived at the clinic with my heart racing and my head spinning, I was totally thinking that we were gonna pick up from where we left off yesterday.

But it was not to be …

Son#1 was told not to come into the room while the Terrible Tag Team addressed the X and me about an issue they had with him, a problem that had cropped up.

You see, Son#1 had not been entirely honest with them about something. That’s all I can really say about the matter, but they took it VERY seriously. So much so in fact, that they decided to ask him to leave the facility for 36 hours, to go away and reflect on the situation and compile a “contract” that he must present to them when he returns on Thursday morning. The contract is basically his written agreement to follow the rules they feel he’s broken.

As an aside, I must just let you know that while they were addressing us abut the issue, I corrected them on stuff put forward to me that was not entirely true. It was stuff that made me look like I was also deliberately breaking their rules and neglecting to take action on an issue. This was all stuff that the X KNEW about and chose to keep quiet on. It would have cost him NOTHING to set them straight but he actually sat their and shook his head, like he agreed with them. Pratt. I was NOT going to let that happen, I was NOT going to allow them to draw a conclusion about the situation (or me) that wasn’t true.

Yes, my friends, I “opened my bloody mouth” … and I kept going, even when they started interrupting me!! If they think that’s some “defensive thing” I’ve got going on then tough shit. No more lies!

*pats self on back*

Anyway, Son#1 is here with me now at home and there are some strict rules in place that the Terrible Tag Team want, in order to ensure his safety. No telephone, no computer, no mobile and no contact with anyone outside of the family. Needless to say, he is NOT a happy chappy!

If Son#1 does hit a speed wobble, I can call the clinic for help and I can even ask one of the counselors to come and fetch him, if things get out of hand.

So … this afternoon took a completely unexpected turn, but I’m cool. I’m not stressed at all actually. I wonder why?