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It’s been weeeeeeeks …

And I’m feeling it. Clothes are tighter. Six pack is fading. Arms are getting squishy. Not good.

Even my horrorscope agrees with me:

“Take your health into your own somewhat powerless hands and start doing something healthy to get fit. For god’s sake, sweat should ooze out of your pores — not butter”

That bloody thing is always so RUDE to me (something against Aries?) – don’t know why I bother to read it really. But this time, it’s right on the munny hunny!

Hmmm … need to get back on that treadmill methinks. Urgh, I really HATE cardio training!

Luckily I’ve still got some sessions left with my Personal Torturer that I paid for a few months ago so I must must must get hold of him and set up a few more sessions. Like soon.