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This is something I have been DREADING!!

Had to be done though – my phone’s been doing some pretty weird stuff recently like randomly restarting itself, muting my side of a call so that the person on the other end can’t hear me at all and then last night it decided that it just absolutely was not going to launch the web application. That was the last straw … I can’t be without my mobilewebs!

My Dad told me last year already that this kind of nonsense can quickly be sorted out with a firmware upgrade but I didn’t want to do it because I was petrified of losing my applications, my contacts, my data etc. (No, I don’t synch with my pc ‘cos I land up getting double/triplicate contacts and all sorts of crap) and I’d been told that losing stuff was an unfortunate but inevitable side effect of upgrading.

Anyway, after last night I knew I had to take the plunge so I did some research on the interwebs this morning to see what the procedure was and, most importantly, to see if I could upgrade without losing anything. I was so relieved to find out from the that it was doable! Here’s the link:

I was extra cautious and backed up to my memory card (via Tools > Memory > Options) as well as to my pc, using the Nokia PC Suite Backup application. I downloaded the Nokia Software Application, installed it, took a deep breath and fired it up, making sure that my phone was fully charged and the memory card removed before I started. It was very easy, I just followed the application prompts.

It took about an hour for the software update to happen, then I restored everything and VOILA! It’s all working hundreds – I haven’t lost a thing AND my phone is now behaving itself =)