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Last week I headed off to Cavendish Square to buy a birthday pressie for Miss Boats and I decided to take a chance and pop in to Computicket to buy tickets for the Seether concert next month. I say “take a chance” because that particular branch of Computicket is NEVER online. Perhaps it’s just my bad luck but honestly, every time I go in there to buy tickets there’s a problem with their internet connection and I have to leave ticketless. Anyway, I walk in and tell them what I want to buy and, true as Bob, the guy can’t connect to their online system, AGAIN! So, I spot the manageress there, tell her AGAIN how disappointed I am, how ridiculous it is that they don’t have a decent internet connection to run an online system, yadda, yadda, yadda. And, once AGAIN, I leave there dejected and ticketless. Bummed.

So I try their public site, which I absolutely detest using – it’s the most piss poor excuse for a website I’ve seen in a long time – and wouldn’t you know it, I’m half way through the purchasing process and the bloody thing breaks on me! Grrrrr.

Well, perhaps everything DOES happen for reason … I’ve just had a peak at my credit card statement. YIKES!! Oh dear, not a pretty sight at all. Damn, I’ve gone a bit overboard of late and I’m going to have to tighten things up a bit (ok, a lot) on the money front. That sadly means no concert tickets for yours truly. It’s a pity – I was looking forward to seeing Seether live and giving the boys a surprise treat.

Oh well, I’ll live …