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Yesterday was an odd day. It started off with half my team getting stuck in the most horrendous traffic jam, spending hours on the road trying to get to work and not arriving till lunchtime. Apparently a truck on one of the highways overturned and fell onto a car, killing the 2 female occupants. What a shocking reminder of how quickly our lives can end hey? There you are, just driving into work one morning and in the blink of an eye, you’re dead. No warning, no control, no future, your life is just over … Anyway, half the city was gridlocked after that while they tried to move a crane in to lift the load off the car and remove the bodies from the wreck. Oh boy, my team was NOT in a very good mood when they eventually arrived. Who can blame them?

My mouth is still sore from my recent dental trauma and I can’t chew anything properly so breakfast was just a protein shake yesterday, after which I went to gym and nearly passed out from not having eaten enough! I made it through the hour though, just, and then picked up a smoothie with my Kauai voucher. I managed to get through loads of work yesterday and even got to do some designing again, which was a nice change =) Dinner was a peanut butter sandwich on really squishy white bread. I can’t put ANY pressure on the tooth that had the root canal treatment, so it took me ages to delicately chew my through that sarmie.

I played some poker on my Xbox 360, but didn’t do very well at all. This new game is much tougher than the last edition and it’s really hard to win (I keep getting the worst cards?!) They’ve also included some versions of the game that I dont know anything about (what’s Omaha?) so I’m stuck in those parts which is frustrating. I’ll have to Google the game names and see what I can learn. I think I’m going to try Tombraider tonight – I got the anniversary edition a while ago (an impulse splurge)  and I haven’t played it yet, been too occupied with LOST Via Domus, which I have now finished – was great fun (when the dreaded black smoke didn’t nail me!), but far too short.

Today has been good so far. Despite not having slept too well, I’ve been feeling quite strong for a change. I got through quite a bit of work this morning and I even managed to run around and do some errands I’ve been putting off for a while – boring stuff like collecting my new credit card from the bank and paying some bills. The shopping centre was like a total mad house though! Sheesh, with Easter Weekend coming up, people are shopping like the shops will never open again, it’s crazy! Why do they do that? Every year it’s the same thing and yet the shops are open on Saturday! I have to go out again just now and brave the masses – running out of food and now that the boys are on school holidays, I need a whole lot more stuff to feed them. Wish me luck …