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In no particular order:

Happy Hump Day … downhill to the weekend baby! And this will be my first weekend off Mom Duty for AGES. Lawdie, do I ever need the break!

Work is rocking. We are right back into it YAY! I’m really excited about the new stuff we’re working on too – I’m feeling so inspired and highly motivated these days. It’s so good to feel like that again. Although, I’m a bit rusty with some skills and I need to spend loads more time catching up and mastering them.

Both boys are back at school as from today. That gives me some peace and quiet to work, for a change. As much as I love love love my beautiful children, they drive me completely dilly while I’m working and they are on holiday. Their constant interruptions are extremely distracting and I never seem to get much work done while they are around. So yeah, after 2 months of frustration, I’m happy that I can once again focus properly.

ERK!! I’m going to have my body fat measured just now!! Shit. I’m not looking forward to that – all my other measurements have been waaaaay worse than I expected, so I have a sneaky suspicion that I’m going to have to deal with some bad freaking news today.

But I’m pretty happy with myself that I’ve managed to eat reasonably well for the last 7 days – not perfectly, but not a single binge!!! That’s massive for me. I think I need to watch my food portions though; I’m probably eating just a tad too much. The biggest test for me will be tonight. Up until now Sir G has been here in the evenings to act as the Food Police, but tonight I’m on my own and that’s when I’m most vulnerable. Hmmm …

I’m not drinking enough water. I’m only getting through about a litre and that’s not good enough. BTW, did you know that drinking ICED water is much better for your metabolism? Yeah – your body has to work hard to warm it up so you burn more calories.

I’m training every day … WOOHOO! But it’s tough going and VERY draining at the moment. I’m totally exhausted towards the end of the afternoon but hopefully it won’t be long before my body can adjust and I start feeling energized again. That’ll be cool.

And speaking of soon … I can’t WAIT till I can fit into my gym shorts again. Having to wear baggy tracksuit pants is not only extremely unattractive but also really hot!

I’ve just realized that I’ve overcome a pretty big fear of mine and that was to go into a gym and train feeling horribly porky … I’m actually doing it! Sure, I feel really self conscious, because I hate the way I look right now, but I’m still going … wobblies and all. And seriously, if anyone tells you: “Oh, don’t worry, no-one’s looking at you! No-one cares what you look like; they’re all just focusing on their training” … THEY ARE LYING wah!

Crap. I have a wedding to go to on Saturday and I have no clue about what to wear. I’m going to have to try on my dresses tonight and see if something fits me. I hope so, because I seriously can’t face going out to try and find an outfit ARRGH!

And uh oh … my roots need to be done again. Meh.

I want to move. I wish I could afford to sell and buy another house. Methinks we’ve outgrown this abode and I want to live somewhere quiet dammit! Frigging noisy neighbours and their whiney, shrieking kids. I’m very lucky (and grateful) to have a roof over my head but after 9 years here, I’m itching for a change.

I need to re-look at my daily and weekly schedules because I’m not setting aside any “me” time at the moment and I fear that’s going to catch up with me soon. I need time to play, to learn, to get creative, to relax and regroup.

And that reminds me … I have not yet written about my goals for this year. Best I do that, before Life Gets In The Way, hey?

I am still completely in love with the latest Kings of Leon album – Only by the Night. I’ve been listening to it almost non-stop for about 8 weeks now and I *still* can’t get enough. Wow, but that is some SHEXY music.

The X is taking the boys up to Joburg next week to see the Top Gear Show. I’m green with envy! Damn, I wish I could go … *sulk*. Top Gear is the bomb!

I am thinking of getting myself a graphics tablet. Thinking, thinking, thinking …

I’m also thinking of getting a set of digital drums. Learning to play the drums has always been a dream of mine and it’s my birthday soon hehehe. I’ve got some info on this so I’ll write another post and share it with you later.

I’m seriously missing everyone on Twitter – I haven’t had much time to be there lately. Bugger.And is it just me, or has there recently been an explosion of new users? Sheesh, so many new followers!

Mmk, I need to get psyched for that session with my Personal Torturer soon so let me be wenting.

Hope you’re all having a groovy day 😀