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The Cast

Yours truly
40 39 38 years old (ACK! Really?) … proud and loving to mom to 2 amazing young men plus 4 3 dogs and 2 1 beautiful kitty.

Son #1
20 years old (mother of all things holy … ALREADY!?), currently studying Sound Engineering, ridiculously talented sportsman, gorgeous and charming, a real lady killer, just as independent and stubborn as yours truly, loves hugs and having his back stroked, Facebook addict, guitar enthusiast, social beast and party animal, mixes his own vibes, artistic, fellow Liverpool supporter, beginning to rival yours truly for the procrastination title, temperamental, gives me major grief but I love him to death.

17 years old (where did my baby go?!), grade 10, loves all things gaming, permanently attached to Xbox or Wii when he’s not deep inside WOW, loves YouTube, loves his  skateboarding, face of an angel, infectious laugh, wicked sense of humour, wise beyond his years, couldn’t give a toss about Liverpool or any sport for that matter, loves animals and WWF, can’t see the point of homework, dreams of owning an old split window VW Combi that he wants to refurbish, wears his heart on his sleeve.

Sir G
Aka BiggestMullet, 32 years old, gorgeous body, beautiful face, equally beautiful spirit, kind and gentle, forgiving and accepting, makes me laugh, one of four kids, photography and gym enthusiast, loves the outdoors, huge movie buff and gaming fanatic, Chelsea devotee, dad to a big and tough Burmese boy, crazy clever, works for me, wired to conquer any challenge, loves people, tries to always enrich lives and bring out the best in everyone, loyal friend. Catch him at Mulletized.

Made her living in the circus, came back to live in South Africa about 12 years ago, I met her for the first time when I was 16, has 2 other daughters living in the States and Italy, looks fantastic for a “gran”, loves her grandchildren to pieces, works for me, incredible work ethic, dependable, always generous and helpful, sensitive but tough, doesn’t take shit from anyone, doesn’t eat enough, loves the sun, animals and candles and incense.

My rock, the yin to my yang, fantastic athlete back in the day, ex-circus performer, now a semi-retired professional photographer, lives too far away from me now, knows me better than anyone, pulls me back to reality when I need it, enjoys the quiet, simple life but also loves gadgets and all things tech, also doesn’t take shit from anyone, the wisest person I know, the most amazing father I could ever have hoped for. And he now has his OWN blog – Gone Fishing.

The X
We were together for 15 years, it took me 2 years after we split to see him in person but I think the less said about him, the better. Only this: he doesn’t scare me anymore. And … as of now, I think I’ve let a lot of crap about him go. YAY! Update: we’re actually getting along pretty well these days, I’m happy about that.

One of my half sisters, 12 years younger than me, lives in the States now, been through some rough shit and came out an absolute winner, her wisdom blows me away, she inspires me and I am crazy proud of her. She’s a mom now and she’s going to have another baby soon.

Chris M
Best known for his award-winning blog iMod, SEO guru (yes, he knows his stuff!), works for me, fellow Liverpool supporter, trustworthy and loyal friend, 100% dependable, one of the genuine “good guys”, a constant source of inspiration, awesome networker, red hot Salsa dancer.