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And the winner is …


Kat has just emailed me to tell that she’s chosen the winning name for her new blog …


Well done to Linda for winning the “Name This Blog” contest!!
Your $50 voucher from Amazon is on it’s way =)

And well done to Kat for getting an awesome name!

NOTE: Although Linda happens to be an old friend, and I sponsored this competition, I had absolutely ZERO influence over Kat’s decision.

Funny story … I only discovered that Linda was online and blogging when I followed the link from her name on Kat’s blog! And yes, this is the very same Linda I tagged yesterday. She and I grew up together as kids =) Isn’t Social Media the bomb?? I love this wwworld!

From Linda’s blog today:

It’s a strange thing: I started this for me, and perhaps my mother and father, but now I have to come to terms with the fact that there are actually other people out there who I don’t know (not even someone I’ve vaguely heard of!) who may be reading. I mean, OF COURSE other people are going to read it, I’m just realising the magnitude of it. Specifically because I have recently been “tagged”.

I am very much into my online social networking phenomenon that is facebook (it is absolutely perfect for me to keep in some kind of ‘touch’ with my friends who are scattered all around the world) and I do tend to follow links and look at peoples websites and things that they have published online.

I have been reading a blog of an old family friend of mine and getting to know her a little better without actually putting in any effort…I’ve been a passive friend. Are we even friends? We were when we were little. We had lots of fun together, but I’m struggling to find those memories…they are sitting in a dark corner, not wanting to step into the light, so I’ve left them there and am focusing on the new, older, wiser, broken, fixed, mother of 2 that I am observing through her blog.

We did meet a while ago. We didn’t really have the chance to connect again, it was hard to think of things to say and I admit to being completely distracted by the fact that it was my birthday and I was seeing a whole heap of other friends and family who’s friendship timeline was more intact. I was interested to see if she really was as stunning as the photographs of her I’d seen…and yes, she was fit, toned, tanned, and all grown up – my mental picture of her had to change somewhat (it was 30 years out of date).

Turns out she also follows links and things, and found me here. And tagged me. Which means that I have to share some random things with the readers out there about myself: thing they don’t already know. Since I imagine my mother to be my number one fan on this site, it’s quite a challenge to think of 8 random things that she doesn’t already know. Or my husband. That is a big challenge, so I’m thinking, I’m thinking!

What’s good is that I’m actually writing again. I’ve been thinking up some absolute beauties of late, but am finding it hard to manage that final hurdle of getting it committed to my blog! Distractions and daydreams…