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Mulletized V3.0

Sir G has just launched another version of his blog.
I think it’s rather rad 😀


I’ve tried to create something less “bloggy” and more graphic – focusing strongly on typography (which is one of my great design loves) and imagery.

Creative Cox and Echoes

So justBcoz has been featured yet again!

This time, in Brandon Cox’s Creative Cox: 26 Blog and Portfolio Designs That Impress Me and Matt Ward’s Echoes: Week 2, in which he shares some of the best work he’s found on the web.

Matt is the Creative Director of Highland Marketing in Ontario, Canada, and he wrote such nice things about my site, I wanted to share them with you:

The site has that typical, two column layout, which is really common among blogs, with the main content on the left and a sidebar containing some popular widgets, such as recent posts, recent comments and a tag cloud. Aside from the blog itself, there is not a huge amount going on in terms of other pages. There is a page about Sue herself, a page for the cast of “characters” in her life, a library and a page of links. These are all listed along the top in an attractive, textured and tab based menu.

The site also makes very nice use of textures, using what appears to be two different textures at the top and bottom of the page. It also does a very nice job of subtly including the popular sunburst element. Additionally, the various paint splatters (all matching a nice pastel palette), swirls and floral elements all work together to give the page visual interest and balance. I also love the way many of the headers are treated, again using coloured paint splatters to add a bit of extra interest and texture.

Overall, I think this is a great site! The content is pretty much what you would expect from a personal blog. A bit about work, a bit about Sue’s own life, a bit about gadgets, and just some general randomness, but she writes well and the posts are interesting and enjoyable to read.

Thanks Matt!

The list of sites that justBcoz has been featured on is growing … have a look here for the full list. I’m so thrilled that one of our designs is getting such great exposure 😀

An exciting day ahead

Today is gonna be good!

Ok, so it didn’t start off too well – I woke up with another shitty headache this morning and I’ve got rather a bad sleeping pill hangover too so I’m feeling a bit lousy, but tough titties … I’ll just have to push through because I’ve some really nice work to focus on today =)

In a little while, after I’ve sorted out some admin odd and ends, I get to put on my Designing Hat to create an interface for the new in-house project I’m working on .. YAAY!!

I do have other stuff to do but it can wait a day, this project has been held up long enough and it’s important, so screw it, I’m going to get it DONE!!