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Gotta love technology

As I’m writing this, I am “participating” in a meeting that’s being held right this minute at the Bandwidth Barn in Cape Town. It’s the WordPress Cape Town gathering and they apparently get together once a month to do things like discuss everything WP, swop plugins and themes, eat, drink and be merry!

I only found out about the meeting today, via adii’s blog, and it’s fully booked so I obviously can’t attend …

BUT … how’s this … I am being kept up to date on everything that’s happening via my newly-opened Twitter account! Every few minutes adii sends through a new tweet to keep all of us following him updated on what the various guest speakers are saying. And I can send in my 2 cents’ worth too!

Isn’t that awesome!! Don’t ever tell me Twitter is a useless, frivolous waste of time! I’m sold.

I think technology like this is fantastic but then, I am a such a geek =)