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Springleap put the cherry on my cake

OMG, could today actually get any better for this Cowgrrrl?

Methinks not …

Eric, the man behind has just personally delivered all my totally funky new Tshirts!!

I asked him to put together a surprise package for me (you can read about that here) and I am so NOT disappointed with the fab selection. They are super-duper!

I gathered the troops and told them all to claim what they wanted and everyone is really happy with their new Tees – especially Son#1 who just thrives on wearing fresh originals. And these particular designs have only been in the country Cape Town* for 3 hours, so you don’t get more fresh than that! Son#2 made his choice and immediately went out skateboarding to show off his new threads =)

Thanks Eric. Thanks Springleap. Very happy cow-stomer.

I think this calls for a drinkie-poo to celebrate!

* Edited after being Eric reminded me that his products are Proudly South African.

Tshirt fun at

I’ve just placed my order for some awesome new Tees with springleap!

If you’re looking for some funky original designs, then you really need to check them out. And the website is great – it’s super easy to use and the registration, shopping and payment processes are very quick and quite painless.

I actually wanted to buy a whole bunch of springleap Tees to give to my staff, friends and family and I had no idea which designs to order (they are all great and I was spoilt for choice … ok, so I’m lazy!), so I contacted Eric, the man behind the business, and asked if he could assemble a surprise package for me and he agreed =) How cool is that?! I was super-impressed … and I just love surprises so I’m really looking forward to seeing what they put together for me.

Springleap also offers a gift delivery service, which I think is a grand idea! So, if you want to buy one of their great Tshirts for a friend, you can request that the order be delivered to them directly.

My overall impression of the site and service so far: easy, friendly and efficient … now we wait for delivery!

(If I have any suggestions for springleap, it would be for them to let me know when to expect delivery – I couldn’t see any info about that, but perhaps I just missed it?)