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Wednesday’s mission

Yes, as per usual, I have a gazillion tasks to do today, but here’s the thing …

If there’s only ONE task I get stuck into over the next 10 or so hours, it’s sorting this out:

This is Son#1’s room as of right now and trust me – this is damn friggin’ neat ‘n tidy for him … you can actually see the floor!

I want to get in there and completely clean it out for him, before he comes home on Friday.

They say that your external environment is a direct reflection of your internal environment. Ergo messy room = messy life.

Although I do agree with this to some extent, I also believe that the converse is true – that a messy environment can significantly contribute to feeling a bit chaotic inside.

That’s how it works for me, at least.

If I’m surrounded by mess, I feel really unsettled, anxious and irritable. There’s no way I can be calm, composed and in control if I’m living or working in a pig sty.

And Son#1 and I are like two peas in a pod!! We are ridiculously similar he and I =)

He hates his room … so, I know that if he gets here on Friday and sees his room looking fresh and fabulous, he’s going to be really stoked!

I’ve tried and failed to do this in the evenings after work for the last 2 days – I’m just too wasted to take on dirty dishes, never mind Spring Cleaning!! I ain’t the Domestic Un-goddess for no reason 🙂

So today will be a wee bit different. After I’ve sorted out a few work odds ‘n ends, I’m breaking the normal routine and taking a few hours off after lunch to dive into this HUGE job!

In doing this for him I hope to take the burden of external turmoil off his shoulders and create a little bit of peace in his life.

In simplifying his environment I want to help him, perhaps inspire him, try to encourage him, show him that I’m on his side and make a small difference in his life.

This SO deserves my energy!!

Just in case you’re wondering, Son#2’s room will be on the Weekend Agenda 🙂