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Wake up and smell the road rage

Grrrrr … Is it just me or does anyone else notice that there seem to be more and more idiots on the roads these days? I don’t normally suffer from road rage (mostly because I work from home and don’t have to be in my car all that much), but the increasing number of fast-asleep morons that seem to driving around is starting to get to me.

So here’s a piece of my mind …

  1. Just because you drive a big, expensive car doesn’t mean you have the right to forego using your indicator
  2. Oh, and if you actually do decide to indicate, it doesn’t mean you can just change lanes without looking
  3. Put your makeup on at home sweetie
  4. Cutting me off, driving at 20kms an hour and then slowly pulling to the side of the road without indicating is just not a good way to win me over
  5. Why do you have to turn in front of me when there is absolutely NOTHING behind me? Couldn’t you wait 3 more seconds so I don’t have to slam on anchors?
  6. If you want to catch up on the news, turn on the radio or something – don’t read your newspaper on your freaking steering wheel
  7. A Stop sign means just that – STOP. Duh
  8. Is it REALLY necessary to give me the finger when I remind you that you are driving the wrong way down a one-way street and are about to collide head on with me?
  9. Seeing nearly half your car jutting over the white line is a tad annoying – pick a lane buddy!
  10. If you plan to turn right at an intersection and you need to stop at a red robot, PLEASE indicate your intention to do so BEFORE the robot changes and you actually pull away
  11. You may be out for a Sunday drive (every day of the week), but some of us really do have places to be, TODAY – try to keep up with the traffic … please?
  12. What do you mean your phone doesn’t have hands-free? Try turning it off or just not answering it – thought about that?
  13. I loathe bringing this up BUT … perhaps you just actually shouldn’t be driving at your age?
  14. Driving up my arse when there’s nowhere for me to go just encourages me to play the amusing game of Just How Slowly Can I Drive before You Realize That You Are Being a Complete Prat?

There … I feel better now!