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Just what I need

I need to setup a new machine – my Dad sold me his gorgeous iMac a few months ago – and in true Queen of Procrastination style, I’ve been delaying this long, arduous task. My main reason (read: excuse) has been the daunting idea of having to source about a gazillion passwords to apply to all the applications, sites and email accounts I run.

Oh gosh, it’s been YEARS since I setup up some of this stuff, I have no idea where it’s all scattered and having to hunt around for all the info I need is a scary thought … I’m pretty sure some of it’s gone forever too. This ever happened to you?

Well, fab news! I picked up on an entry from the LifeHacker website yesterday called “Recover Lost Passwords with Free Tools.”

So, I’m going to go and check some of these free tools out to see if they can help make my transition onto the iMac less traumatic. There’s one in particular called Revelation by SnadBoy that looks very promising.

In the future, I’m going to have to avoid this situation and find a decent, safe way to store all my login info. KeePass looks like it may be a good option. See what you think: