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Twitterville rocks my socks!

Why do I like Twitter so much? Many, many reasons, one of them is RITA …


Interaction with a



I get to have short conversations in real-time with a bunch of people of my own choosing! I call them “my tweeple” πŸ™‚ That’s pretty damn awesome – not even my beloved Facebook can offer me that. (Hmmm … I wonder how many advertisers, marketers, pr’s and brand managers are aware of Twitter’s unique ability in this regard?)

Anyway …

As you know, this weekend was pretty difficult for me. (If you don’t know why, check back a few posts, I’m not gonna re-hash everything.) But one of the things that helped me get through these last couple of days was Twitter, and the awesomeness of My Tweeple!

I love that I can follow what others are doing – I don’t always tweet back to them, but I’m usually always lurking hehe. I love that I can share my own goings-on with them in real-time and have either meaningful or completely arb tweetversations with people who add an enormous amount of value to my life. How do they do that? Just by being there mainly, showing their human-ness or by imparting some really useful and interesting information.

So what did I learn over the last few days?

Mike Stopforth kept me up to date with the cricket action yesterday and he also divulged that he has his most productive moments on the porcelain! Think on THAT the next time you read one of his posts waha πŸ˜€

He’s also a braai man, so I wonder if this would interest him:

SheBeeGee told Sir G and I about something called “Nevaton”, which is a homeopathic remedy for sleep and anxiety, and apparently it “works like a motherbitch!”

Speaking of Sir G, he tweeted that the movie I gave him, Into the Wild, is the best movie he’s ever seen – he’s watched it 3 times in 3 days …

And for those of you thinking about going to see Lord of the Dance, StevenMcD reckons it’s “beyond awesome!”Β and that if you’re looking for an amazing wedding photographer then his guy, Michael Tree is the shizz.

Walter Pike was thoughtful enough to retweet a vital piece of information to all of us, and that is: the German word for blowjob is “einen blasen”. Thanks Walter, you know that’s changed my life πŸ™‚

Vincent Hofmann took possession of his new baby – a rocking little MG, met up with Saul Kropman for lunch and then proceeded to get rather sunburned as he took his new car out on the road for most of Saturday. Lucky bugger!! Oh yes, and apparently he “must have” one of these:

Matthew Buckland loves drinking gluhwein, and he’s also found a very posh place to stay here in Cape Town. He wasn’t too sure about it though, so he tweeted for some input from the Twittervillians.

My old mate from Electric Ocean days, Damien du Toit, got a mention on Kudos dude!!! Stoked for you πŸ™‚

Darren Smith sent out a FABULOUS tweet! I love this: “Life is where you are at. Always, Where ever. What ever. Shit happens. Courage beckons. Life is tough. Mundane even. Just do it. Live.

Plus, if you missed the opening ceremony of the Olympics (I did, yes) then you go check out some photos here.

And then there’s Rafiq Phillips.Β  Rafiq never sleeps. Rafiq does waaaaaay too much for us mere mortals to keep track of. But the last I heard, he was reading about the “Brazilian Boom” … ?


One last thing!! Thanks to one of my tweeple (I *think* it was Christopher Mills), I got to have the BEST laugh I’ve had in AGES πŸ˜€

You HAVE to check this out!!