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Oh please let today work out

I woke up this morning with The Headache From Hell. And it’s still thumping away! So I am not feeling wonderful and I can hardly see straight, so lawd knows what kind of code I’m going to be churning out today …

Miss Boats has had to go in for an operation this morning. I hope it all goes well for her and that she will finally be able to live free of the excruciating pain that has been causing her so much grief. Her absence means that I am even shorter staffed than usual, so it’s all hands on deck until she gets back to the office (not sure when that will be).

Also holding thumbs that my iMac will be up and running today. The technician is coming back just now to sort it out for me. He tried for a couple of hours on Friday to get it on my wireless network, but there was something wrong with my thingymajig, so he had to take the whatchamacallit away to upgrade the firmware and fix the goodjymagat.

Whatever. I just want it working now.

Other than that, there’s just the normal mom’s taxi service to carry out. I was planning to start my web catch-up training today, but realistically, that’s not going to happen. The kids break up for school holidays next week and they’re going off on a 3-week 4×4 trip with their dad, so waiting till then may be a better plan.

Anyway, let me go … lots to do. Hope you all have a good day xx