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Is Vernon Koekoemoer dead?

Shoot, it seems that my recent post, “The Koek is dead“, wherein I recount my dream about Cassie Booyse being killed in a tragic car accident, *may* have sparked off a wild rumour that he is infact dead!

How do I know this? Well, I’ve been checking my log files and I’m really surprised to see that since that post, a lot of traffic has come through to this site from people Googling for phrases like “cassie booyse car accident” and “is Vernon koekoemoer dead” …

Ooops … my bad! I should have realized that not many folks read past the first paragraph, or even the headline, of on-screen writings.

Guys, let me just dispel that rumour right now. Vernon Koekoemoer is NOT dead. If I am in any way responsible for causing anyone to think that the legend that is VK could EVER be taken out, I’m really very sorry.

VK laughs in the face of danger …

Long live The Koek!