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The art of mingling

HAH! You didn’t *really* think you were going learn that from me, did you?

Yours truly HAS been living as a hermit and firmly planted under a rock for the last 4 years you know! In fact, I highly recommend that to learn the fine art of working a room, you watch me at any event or gathering and do the exact opposite 😀

Last night’s Cape Town 27 Dinner at The Wild Fig was brilliant though. I’m SO glad I went (thank you Mom and JOC for being on Kid Duty so that I could attend. And for doing the dishes!!) Wow – so many brilliant and interesting people there … about a 100 I think. I so wish I could have connected up with a whole lot more folk, but I’ve yet to kick the old shyness habit hehehe …

Anyway, despite my MONSTROUS headache, shattered nerves and slight apprehension about going back to “our restaurant”, I still managed to have a good time and it was very cool to put faces to a lot of the names I’ve become familiar with over the last couple of months. What a brilliant bunch of inspiring people! I’m definitely signing up for the next one and I’m going to make a determined effort to shove my introvert self out of my comfort zone and mingle a bit more. Gulp.

Big thank you to Dave Duarte and Max Kaizen for organizing 🙂

[ I *tried* to stay out of Brandon Golding and his big ass camera’s way, but I think he still managed to “get me”. Urgh. ]

P.S. Thanks to those of you who “came out” to me with regard to lurking here. Luvvit! You know who you are 😀

And on a different note:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to FeistyFemale!!! A quarter of a century young today 🙂

Have a rocking day and we’ll see you later for big birthday celebrations Bev xxx



Video coverage of the October Cape Town 27 Dinner is now available to view on From the Couch.

Thanks David and Marc!

Trapped at home for the weekend

Literally. No jokes.

As a result of the Driveway Drama the gate does not open far enough for me to get my car out, it only opens about half way and that only by the brute force of at least 2 strong men grunting and groaning and sweating to push it a few centimeters at a time. POOOOOESH!

Oh dear, lucky I don’t have any plans this weekend. Just as well – I’m such a social butterfly you know, I normally have heaps of engagements booked in my calendar. Not.

Actually, the 27Dinner is happening in Cape Town tonight at The Wild Fig (love that restaurant) and it would have been pretty cool to go to that and meet some of the folks I’ve hooked up with over the interwebs, but I didn’t get my name down on their limited-to-50-places guest list in time, so I’m gonna have to miss out. It’s ok though – my shy self doesn’t want to be there anyway =)

Guess who’s not going to have to go and do The Dreaded Weekly Grocery Shop though!? YES!! At least one good thing hey?

So …. What to do?

Well, I have wood for the fireplace, I have an Xbox and plenty of games, I have Sir G, I have a few cold ones in the fridge, and I have the Mr Delivery book … what more does a girl need?

Hopefully I survive till Monday wahaha!

Have a FABULOUS weekend everyone … later xx