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Before I bust my foofoo valve

Let me tell you why I am feeling SO good today! Those of you who’ve ever tried to lose weight will relate …

I had a brilliant session at the gym yesterday. I was really strong and I had loads of energy so I worked out hard, for a solid hour, no breaks. And boy am I feeling it today! Soooo sore … Everything aches … Feels fantastic =)

I also managed to weigh myself at the gym yesterday – my scale at home is on the fritz – and I was really chuffed to see I had lost another half a kg so that’s nearly 6kgs down so far and not far to go now at all. I think I also spotted the outline of my sixpack returning!

So, I decided this morning that I was going to be very brave and try on my “thin” jeans. Huge move, I haven’t fitted into them for about 2 years now. And guess what? I can friggin fit into them!! I can get them on and do them up and still breathe!!!

I am so stoked =)

I feel on top of the world! Now, if I can just get my eating right and ditch the night-time snacking, I’ll be at my goal in no time!

Woohoo!! Yellow bikini, here I come …