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Audible pleasure

Ever since I could make sense of the words “See John run” (remember those little books?), I have loved reading. These days though, as for most of us I suppose, there isn’t very much time for me to sit down and read, so I’ve had to find another way to satisfy my appetite for stories and info – audio books. Listening to audio books is a brilliant way to “read” because I can multitask and I can do it anywhere!

I make use of a website called I signed up for the Platinum Monthly plan and it currently costs me about R170 per month (depending on the exchange rate, of course). For this, I get 2 credits per month, which accumulate if I don’t use them. Most books cost 1 credit, so I can normally download 2 books a month.

One handy thing about being a member is that even if I use up my monthly credits I can buy additional downloads at a discounted price (30% off). They also have regular sales with substantial markdowns so you can pick up some real bargains. has have a massive library – there are over 40 000 titles to choose from in a wide range of categories and including newspapers and podcasts, so there’s definitely something for everyone. Audio downloads from the site are immediate and simple to manage, either through iTunes or through their free software. Once downloaded, the files, although in proprietary format, can be burnt to CD, streamed from your computer or transferred to many different portable devices.

I’ve been very happy using for the last 3 years. Their site is generally user-friendly, their frequently updated range of titles is more than adequate, the quality of their products are good and I think that the whole service offering is a clever, cost-effective and convenient way for me to get more “reading” done. Two thumbs up from me!

And no, I am not getting paid to say this =)