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Tomorrow’s the big day

Tomorrow morning, Tuesday, at 8am, I am taking Son#1 to check into a clinic for a 4-week in-patient treatment programme.

The clinic is an adolescent unit (the only one in the country), dealing specifically with young adults in crisis. They provide therapeutic treatment for all sorts of issues from anxiety and depression to eating disorders to sexual and substance abuse.

As you know by now, Son#1 has recently hit an all-time low and he’s been struggling to cope with life. He is overwhelmed with emotional trauma right now and despite putting up a very brave front, he just can’t deal with everything on his own.

I am so relieved that my beautiful boy is at last going to get the treatment and therapy he so desperately needs. He has suppressed so much over the years and all his anger, frustration and pain that he’s carrying needs to be addressed, very urgently.

It’s taken just over a week to arrange everything and a lot of gentle persuasion and encouragement on my part to reassure him that this is the right thing for him, that he does need help and that a live-in facility (recommended by his new psychiatrist) will accelerate the treatment process so that he can get better as quickly as possible.

I’ve also had to meet mild opposition from his father, who wonders if this is all necessary and doesn’t really see the point. I was expecting that. But, thankfully, he has bought in to the idea now, albeit with some hesitation and he has also indicated that he is willing to attend the parent support sessions with me on Fridays. That’s good news, because he definitely needs to become more involved.

So, that’s where we are right now … gearing up for the month ahead. I’m not tackling any work today – I’ve re-arranged my schedule so that I can be with my boy and get him ready for tomorrow …when he wakes up =)

He’s going to be fine. This is the best thing for him and I am so proud of him for seeing that.

To those of you who know me and are finding out about this for the first time, I’m sorry for not telling you sooner. This was only finalized a couple of days ago and I did not want to say anything until I was 100% sure that it was going to happen. I also wanted to check with Son#1 first that he would have no objections to me saying anything, and he doesn’t …

Onwards and upwards