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Son#2: So, do you think I’ll have girls or boys?

Me: Well, you could have either I reckon – my mom had 3 girls and I had 2 boys and Dad is one of 3 boys.

Son#2: Hmmm. I hope I have boys.

Me: Why’s that?

Son#2: I dunno, I just think it’ll be easier.

Me: Perhaps, but dads and their daughters have a very special bond …

Son#2: Ja. The only guy a girl can really count on is her dad.

Me: You know, you might just be right about that.

Son#2: Well that sucks!

Me: Why?

Son#2: Because I want K to know she can count on ME.

And that’s when my heart melted.

You know why? Because he’s being 100% honest. Despite his gf, K, being a feisty little extrovert, and him being the gentlest of souls without an aggressive bone in his body, he wants to take responsibility for looking after her and protecting her. What a lucky young lady she is …