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I have lost a kilogram! *does the happy dance* Mmk, so it’s the same bloody kilo I’ve lost 3 times over in the last month but still … I mean, how many times can you lose the same kilo, right? This has to be *it*! Damn well hope so … I am desperate to fit into my gym kit so I can train again.

I HAVE to see this movie when it comes out – Daybreakers – watch the trailor here:

I need a massage. Owness … *cough* Sir G?

I work with fan-BLOODY-tastic people. I am constantly amazed and humbled by their talent and passion … it’s so inspiring! I only hope that I sometimes manage to do the same for them …

I’ve met some very cool people in the last 2 weeks … forcing myself to get out and mingle has been worth every terrifying minute 🙂

I’m partying again tomorrow night WOOHOO!! Sheesh, I have all of a suddenness turned in Miss Social Flutterby lol. Tomorrow’s bash is “33 ROCK” at Deco Dance, in celebration of Elan Lohmann’s and Kerry-Anne Gilowey’s (you’re not allowed to get sick lady!!) 33rd birthdays! Hmm … I’m definitely feeling a bit long in the tooth …

Speaking of which, SCREW getting older! Bah. Seriously, this is soooo not fair. Totally depresses me. *sob*

So much to do, work-wise … I don’t know where to start. I’m igniting the backburner and resurrecting some in-house projects that we put on hold while we were up to our eyeballs in client work. It’s exciting to see them finally happening! But it’s Friday, and I have hectic ADD today …

Exclusive Books are having a “double Fanatics points” weekend on their Winter Sale. Be still my beating credit card!

I’m toying with the idea of studying something. Formally, that is. Don’t know what though. Is that nuts? Am I too old? Do I need to? Do I even have the time? *sigh*

I love men. Plain and simple. Male energy is awesome.

And I’m terribly proud of my Dad for cracking on with his new blog 😀 If you haven’t seen the site yet, go check it out!