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My youngest Burmese, Rocky (aka the Noonoo) has, for the past couple of weeks, been totally over-grooming himself and tugging out his own fur.

Poor thing looks mangy! I was hoping it would clear up by itself but it didn’t, so I whisked him off to the vet this morning.

Mr Vetman confirmed what everyone had been telling me – mah kitteh is stressed 🙁

BUT … it could also just be heat stress (Rescue Remedy did nothing to help), and not real “psychological damage” (sheesh, MORE freakin’ drama to deal with?) and prescribed something to de-stress him. Um, it’s a cat contraceptive but apparently it does the trick! And who am *I* to argue?

So anyway, The Noonoo is now, as far as I’m concerned, as high as a kite! Kitteh hasn’t left my side all day and if he’s not meowing for my attention, he’s collapsed into a heap on the table next to me.

Awwwwe … poor little thing!

(um, no dirty jokes from you guys with your minds in the gutter heh)